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How to choose the right vacuum packaging machine, equipped with the latest vacuum packaging technology. Always a suitable packaging solution to your specific application.

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4 steps
Vacuum packaging cycle


For a maximum and deep end vacuum, use a professional machine with a vacuum chamber. By extracting the air from the product, bag and chamber, the shelf life is extended and both food and non-food are protected against external elements. The vacuum packaging cycle has 4 steps. 

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Control of the vacuum packaging cycle is crucial to obtain an optimal and deep end vacuum. animelsex technology enables you to control the vacuum packaging cycle in 3 different ways.

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Stops as soon as the pre-set number of seconds has been reached...

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The sensor detects the pre-set percentage of end vacuum...

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The liquid sensor detects the boiling point of liquid products...

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How to choose the right panel and control system for your application?

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Gas flush

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Prior to the seal phase, a gas can be added. This technique is called Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP. It depends on the food product which gas mix is most suitable. The option of Gas flush offers many benefits.,smooth fuck

  • Increased shelf life
  • Protection of structure
  • Preservation of quality
  • Prevention of colouring
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Seal systems

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animelsex offers a variety of seal systems and seal bar configurations. The right seal solution protects your food and non-food products efficiently against external elements.

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After the bag has been sealed, the air returns into the chamber. As soon as the atmospheric pressure inside equals the pressure outside the chamber, the lid opens. With Soft Air, this occurs gradually, so the vacuum bag gently envelopes the product. For optimal protection of product and bag. Particularly suitable for products with sharp edges.

  • Protection of both product and vacuum bag
  • Standard on all models, except Jumbo, Falcon and Atmoz
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